RELAYS 101 Three-Day Protective Relay Technician Training


Relays By The Numbers - forget it, I'm retiring. You missed out!

Relays By The Numbers is the hands-on training session companion to the RELAYS 101 seminar.

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Relays By The Numbers is not just a two-hour block of instruction during the last day of the RELAYS 101 seminar.

It's actual hands-on training configured to meet your needs, using your equipment at your training facility.

This "Relays By The Numbers" three-day hands-on session will expand on the lecture with time spent on your relays. This working session will use your students, your spare relays, your test equipment and your training facility. We can work with any experience level technicians provided you have the spare relays around your training facility.

Early Level Technician Session = Over-Current Relays, Directional Over-Current Relays, Over-Voltage & Under-Voltage Relays, Frequency Relays

Mid Level Technician Session =  Early Level Relays + Distance Relays + Field Relays + Over-Fluxing Relays (V/HZ)

Senior Level Technician Session = Early Level Relays + Mid Level Relays + Sequence Component Relays (46 & 47)

You tell us what level of training that you need and can support with your equipment.

We also have available the two iOS Apps "RELAYS 101" and "Relay Tests".

We can utilize these two apps to help your technicians develop a firm understanding of the necessary tests on many different (IEEE device types of) protective relays.

Remember in the world of microprocessor based relays, tripping and alarming is accomplished mathematically, through the relays' algorithms. Therefore training on a microprocessor based device makes perfect sense.

Our two apps install on your iPads and the training opportunities are forever available.

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