RELAYS 101 Three-Day Protective Relay Technician Training


RELAYTECH.COM and Power Grid Engineering

"Our-Site" Seminars  - forget it, I'm retiring. You missed out!

Until recently, the Relay Training Center 3-day protective relay training seminar, "RELAYS 101", was typically available only as a "Your-Site" seminar. We came and taught all of your technicians at your company's training site for one low price. This is great, and we still do that, but what about the individual relay technician or small company with just a couple technicians?

We needed a way to bring our training to a neutral site and teach technicians from many companies.

We reached out to numerous companies in the training business and along the way we discovered Power Grid Engineering (PGE).

PGE has many lines of business and Training is one of them. They have been teaching Relay Philosophies for the entire century. They have three different seminars in their curricula. They simply love to teach!

After speaking with them it was an easy decision for Relay Training Center to begin a collaboration with PGE.

We will deliver our unique RELAYS 101 seminar for PGE and they will bring our seminar to you at a neutral location ("Our-Site") as well as continue to bring our seminar to you at "Your-Site" whenever possible. Contact us for information on both the Our-Site and Your-Site opportunities.

Now here's the kicker: PGE has had a "Power Systems 101, 102 and 103" for years. We did not want PGE clients confused with a new "101" brought into the PGE series of seminars thus a marketing rename was needed. So, throughout the duration of the collaboration between Relay Training Center and Power Grid Engineering they will market our "RELAYS 101" protective relay training seminar as:

"POWER SYSTEMS 104 Relay Commissioning II Seminar".

No ownership changes, no content changes, same instructor, same unique seminar. Just a marketing name change.

Special Note: Eventhough the new name indicates "Relay Commissioning II", there is no requirement to attend any other class first. Our RELAYS 101 seminar (also known as PGE Power Systems 104) will take you from your high school math and Ohms Law all the way through calculating symmetrical components; all in just three days!

Go to Power Grid Engineering to seek training for relay technicians and remember that the "RELAYS 101" seminar, the one that you have heard so much about, the one training seminar that you need to top off your training needs, will be shown as their "Power Systems 104".

Protective Relay Technician Training has been a feature of PGE for many years.

In 2019 PGE will be bringing "RELAYS 101" to you as “PGE Power Systems 104 Relay Commissioning II Seminar” once again. And for the last time ever... time for me to retire!

Whether you want training at “Your-Site” or training at “Our-Site”, RELAYS 101 is the training that you need.

”Our-Site” training for 2019 will be in:




AUGUST 6 - 8, 2019

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RELAYS 101 presented for the last time. Sign up now!


Our Relay Training Center "RELAYS 101" training scheudle is full, so this is your last chance to come to our seminar at our neutral location.

It's "Open Enrollment", so sign up before it's too late.

With the addition of RELAYS 101 presented as Power Systems 104 Relay Commissioning II Seminar, PGE now has 4 unique classes in their instructional series.

These classroom offerings cannot be found anywhere else and are essential additions to your training program.


Power Grid Engineering Seminars

2019 PGE Power Systems Seminars


PGE Power Systems 101: Relay Philosophies I

Lake Mary, FL July 15-18, 2019 :

Cincinnati, OH Sept 9-12, 2019 : 

For additional information on this training opportunity please visit:

PGE Power Systems 102: Relay Philosophies II 

Lake Mary, FL - June 24-27, 2019 :

For additional information on this training opportunity please visit:

PGE Power Systems 103: Relay Commissioning I

For additional information on this training opportunity please visit:

PGE Power Systems 104: Relay Commissioning II      (don't forget now, this is our "RELAYS 101")

Lake Mary, FL, Tuesday-Thursday August 6-8, 2019

For additional information on this training opportunity please visit:

Please visit PGE Seminars at:

for details and registration.

Registration can begin soon and classes routinely sell out.

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