Protective Relay Technician Training


 Are you looking to be a better Protective Relay Technician?


There must be a better way!


Do you have a clue how to calculate symmetrical components?

Do you have a clue how to calculate the apparent impedance to a fault?

Do you have a clue how to test specific relays?

Do you want to learn? 

Do you need to know the latest PRC-005-2 information on testing microprocessor-based protective relays?


Our 3-day Relay Training Center Seminar conducted at your USA training site

is the one class that all skill-levels of Protective Relay Technicians need.


And now our seminar is also presented at ENOSERV in Tulsa, OK, USA at select times throughout the year.


Imagine - you could be just three days away from finally understanding the concepts that may have eluded you for years.

Protective Relay Technicians all across the USA have found this to be the one class that they wish they would have had years ago!


Contact us to reserve your time right away. Our available dates routinely sell out. We are presently taking reservations for 2015. 


Do you think your math skills need work? The math used in this seminar is high school level Trigonometry. We only spend about an hour at the beginning of the first day of class on the basic Trigonometry used in the class so refresh your skills with this downloadable worksheet. The worksheet is not an example of all the topics presented in "Relays 101". Instead the worksheet shows examples of the simple math used in this seminar. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THIS CLASS BECAUSE OF MATH. Embrace the simple math concepts needed to better understand your protective relays.





Visit Our-Site Training page to view schedules for training on various relay tech topics that are presented by ENOSERV.

The industry finally has topics aimed at technicians, presented by technicians with language that the technicians understand; you don't need a BSEE to understand these presentations.

All of these presentations are foundational. You can build from beginner to advanced.

You can get your conceptual courses at ENOSERV and build on them later with your hands-on activity.

ENOSERV is striving to give you the knowledge base that you need so that you understand your relays in the future.

Besides working with, ENOSERV has reached out to other mentors and teachers of relay technicians from around the USA. Those instructors now make guest appearances at ENOSERV's Tulsa, OK training facilities, or arrangements can be made to have the classes presented at your company's training site..

Visit for details. 






Relay Training Center has been supporting the protective relay technician community for over 15 years.


Our 3-day seminar, conducted at your training facility, can give you the necessary foundation to be a better protective relay technician. and ENOSERV have now joined together to present the Relay Training Center Seminar at ENOSERV's state-of-the-art training facility in Tulsa, OK.

Visit for information and registration to the next presentation of the Relay Training Center Seminar as well as other training opportunities presented by ENOSERV.